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Mooresville Kids Dentist Eliminates Rumors About Pediatric Dentistry

If you think back to your childhood days, you can likely quickly remember the negative effects of gossip. All it takes is for one kids to talk negatively about the children’s dentist, and before you know it, the entire classroom is filled with fears. When such an outbreak occurs, encourage kids to visit the children’s dentist with gentle words and sage advice.

Address the Rumor
Once your kids tell you that they have heard rumors about dentists, don’t just scoff at this information. Find out what the story was so that you can better quell your kids’ fears about the local dentist office. You can explain to them that the rumor is entirely unsubstantiated, or you can locate the source of the rumor, figure out what really happened and then relay that information. Don’t let a tale get in the way of your kids and their dental hygiene.

Present Other Pictures
Since your children may have heard a horror story about the dentist, they may find that eliminating this image from their minds is difficult if not impossible. Instead of ignoring the situation, tell them happier stories about going to the dentist. You might explain your own positive experiences with dental hygiene and talk about a dentist whom you loved to visit while you were growing up. You can also check out books at the library that help to dispel common worries about the dentist.

Demystify the Process
Like most human beings, children are afraid of what they do not know. Before they even have their first appointments, find out if the dentists will meet with them for preliminary discussions. Another option is to take your kids with you to the dentist for your next appointment. They can see that the process is not scary and that you are totally fine after the procedure or cleaning. Instead of focusing on the rumors that they heard, they can begin to look forward to their own positive experience at the dental practice.

When your children hear stories at school or on the playground about how scary the dentist can be, they might start to feel a great deal of anxiety about their own visits. Use these experiences as learning opportunities; then, you can call to schedule your kids’ own appointments at our dental office.