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Are X-rays Safe for Our Kids From Our Local Mooresville Pediatric Dentist?

Why Dental X-rays Are Important

Dental x-rays are important because they can detect gum and tooth issues that a dentist may not be able to see during a regular exam. However, many parents are concerned about the safety of these x-rays. The good news is that it is safe for your child to get dental x-rays. A kids dentist in Mooresville NC recommends x-rays because the benefits outweigh the potential risks.

Why Are People Concerned About Dental X-rays?

Parents are concerned about x-rays because they have radiation. Excess radiation exposure can increase the risk of cancer. However, today’s dental x-rays do not use as much radiation as the ones in the past. Young people are more sensitive to the effects of radiation than adults are, but a Mooresville NC children’s dentist can take steps to minimize the exposure to radiation.

A local pediatric dentist can give your child a shield to protect them from the effects of the radiation. They probably won’t recommend a dental x-ray every time that your child goes to the dentist.

Benefits of Dental X-rays

X-rays can be used for diagnostic purposes. They can detect things like tumors, bone infections, gum disease and decay. Without x-rays, there are many problems that can go undiagnosed. Oral health can also affect your general health. For example, if you have a gum infection, then this can spread throughout the rest of your body. This can be dangerous.

X-rays can also help the local pediatric dentist come up with the right treatment plan for your child.

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